About Amogam.com

Imagine a social networking platform where content creators can make the income they deserve… Amogam.com is a brand-new social networking platform with a unique model that allows businesses, brands, and advertisers to directly get in touch with content creators that they would like to work with to advertise their services and products. This eliminates the role that a social media platform generally plays in managing the advertising process and allows the brands and content creators to establish their own communication on the platform.

Amogam.com's Unique Business Model: We believe that hype and biased marketing are ineffective in helping people access accurate data or promoting visibility for the right talents. Our business models are designed to prioritize people decisions, which means our algorithms will only showcase products or content that truly hold value. Additionally, by referring the right content, you will be rewarded with monetary incentives.

Social network advertising revenues just in the United States have increased significantly over the past few years. Social networking companies are utilized by more than 400 million businesses in total who promote their brands on these sites.

The reason why large social media platforms can attract this revenue is because of the interesting, exciting, and entertaining content made by their content creators. The platforms themselves are not offering much to the users other than the platform itself; the content that attracts the users is created solely by the creators. In essence, without the content creators, these social media platforms would not have much value. That brings us to an important question:

Are the content creators that put so much time and energy into creating valuable content getting compensated with what they deserve?

It is commonly known that unless a content creator is already ‘famous’ and is being offered lucrative business deals, most creators don’t even make enough money to pay their bills. The average Video creator pay rate for an ad view is between $0.01 and $0.03. Although a content creator’s work is often undervalued, in reality, most content creators work tirelessly to come up with unique content ideas, shoot and edit videos, find the right tags and captions, post their content and then respond to their followers’ comments. Whether it be a travel blog or a fashion page, creating content can be the equivalent of a full-time job for most creators in terms of how much work it takes for them to create the content that their audience wants to see. At the end of the day, it is the content creator’s talent, efforts, and skills which get the user to click on or watch the ads that generate revenue for the social media platform. We believe that it is time to tip the scale so that content creators can finally get compensated for their hard work and efforts, and the value they put out into our society.

This is why we created Amogam.com.

Reach us at contact at amogam.com